Metropolis; Population: 45,009

The royal capital and richest city in Cormyr, Suzail is home to the important nobles and merchant houses of the country. The center of the city is the royal palace, which is surrounded by gardens and the buildings of the Royal Court.

The city maintains a large barracks for the Purple Dragons, plus stockyards, shipyards, and dozens of inns, taverns, and festhalls. Tymora’s is the most prominent temple, though shrines to Lliira, Oghma, Malar, Milil, Tempus, and Waukeen are also found here. The famous ivory carvers of Suzail buy exotic ivory from many lands, shape it into new and decorated forms, and export it at a greatly increased value.

The lord of the city is Sthavar (LG male human Ftr10/Prp5), a confident and loyal man who also commands the Purple Dragons. The presence of the Purple Dragons and War Wizards has been more visible since the death of Azoun, as the Princess Regent wishes to assure the common people of their safety and simultaneously be prepared for riots or rebellious activities instigated by contrary nobles. She makes regular appearances with the heir in order make herself available to the people and to show that she is not afraid for her life or for Cormyr’s future.


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