Shalean Kennyr’Tia


Str: 10 Dex: 18 Con: 11 Int: 20 Wis: 13 Cha: 10


Moon Elven Wizard, played by Aaron Melocik. His name means “Son of Sun,” named after the circumstances of his birth (birthed peacefully at noon after a hard night of labor). From the noble house “Kennyr’Tia,” translated as “Sworn to Magic.” Shalean’s family includes:

  • Arayir – mother, wizard.
  • Kulayer – father, wizard.
  • Gosehlyr – Eldest brother, wizard.
  • Fenwaeryn – older brother, wizard, slain adventuring.
  • Sylvus – little sister, druid.
  • Naeye’Ruh – littlest brother, arcane trickster and magical savant.

Shalean is from an ancient noble Elven family, with connections to Myth Drannor, now Cormanthor. He spent the majority of his young life in schools around Cormanthyr studying wizardry in the old Eladrin traditions at Cormanthor, though he traveled Faerûn frequently with family and teachers. He is a studied wizard, but has taken up the mantle of adventuring like his older brother Fenwaeryn, who was slain adventuring somewhere in Kara-Tur. He is a devout worshipper of Midnight, with connections to Mielikki. Members of his family can trace their lineage back to legendary heroes in Mystryl’s conflict against the Netheril, and are renowned for their magical diligence and aptitude, and there is a great deal of pressure (and pleasure) to achieve magical excellence. His family takes naturally to wizardry and druidry. He wears elegant and functional outdoors gear when in nature, but considers fine clothing and jewelry a testament to the majesty and finery of Midnight and the magical pursuit. He has the distanced, judgmental demeanor (with an air of bemused curiosity) of an elf sure of his own prowess and kept in long years of study. In his family, he has a reputation for being “the kind one;” while this is saying a lot for his family, it won’t necessarily be the opinion of outsiders.

While in his most rudimentary lessons, Shalean was seen by an old Gnome, Frundybottle Garfelbump, who took an interest in him, and convinced him to get into all sorts of trouble after school. It was revealed in time that he was a Companion of the Silver String, and, having given his life over to service of Oghma, and regretting his lack of offspring, used his bardic prowess to amuse and teach little people he found interesting. He instilled in Shalean a great sense of wonder and respect for knowledge and technology; Shalean’s younger brother was so taken with him that he nearly took up the mantle of bardic practice, but was dissuaded. Frundybottle’s death of old age was a trying time for Shalean and his brother.

Shalean is now applying his studies to the real world, in the adventuring tradition of many in his family’s history, and is looking for capable companions to protect him, to aid him, to teach him, to help him find adventure, and to call “friend.”

Shalean Kennyr’Tia

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